"Results of an exhibition of the New building of St.Petersburg"

2013/09/26 00:39

Exhibition of the New Format at St. Petersburg

Advertizing Exhibition 17-th Skisalon at Guliver Giper MARKET

"Results of an exhibition of the New building of St.Petersburg"

On September 21 in St. Petersburg in Broadcasting Company "Gulliver" there took place the first exhibition sale of the workshop "New Buildings of Petersburg" format.  The SPHERE presented to EXPO a new format - an exhibition of step availability.

The main objective of an exhibition in a format of step availability – improvement of living conditions of Petersburgers, by the organization of direct contact between the seller and the buyer. Realizing social responsibility of business, Exhibition association of EXPO the SPHERE created a new format of exhibitions of real estate. Also allocated in the priority direction of the activity – to inform youth on opportunities of acquisition of housing. The main target audience - people till 35 years, wishing to improve the living conditions. Maintenance of social and unprotected groups of citizens and work with the social programs developed by the state for improvement of life of citizens an important component for the modern socially responsible company.

Demand for new buildings is steadily high, but in the fall experts note surge in interest to the market of new and real estate under construction.  The exhibition collected on September 21st a large number of visitors, to racks of participants there were turns waiting for opportunity to get advice.  Objects from builders, real estate agencies and the offer from banks were presented to attention of visitors.  Experts helped to estimate objects on parameters of an ecological situation, transport availability, construction plans of the subway and to an infrastructure level of development.

The advertizing campaign during preparation for an exhibition was focused on northern districts of the city as accent of an exhibition were new buildings of Seaside, Vyborg, Kalinin areas. For drawing attention of youth audience much attention was paid to advertizing on the Internet, in particular to social networks. Visitors of Broadcasting Company "Gulliver", got on an exhibition casually, having gone to do shopping or to cinema, showed a great interest to an exposition. After all apartment purchase in the new house is actual both for comfortable accommodation and as an investment of savings.

Within action a number of excursions on new buildings of the northern districts of Petersburg took place. Visitors the eyes could see interesting their objects, estimate level of their readiness and on a place to ask to managers all interesting questions. At an exhibition of visitors prizes, gifts, actions and a creative workshop for children waited. Admirers of soccer had a unique opportunity to take the autograph from the special guest of an exhibition Vyacheslav Malafeev who represented the Real estate agency at an exhibition. As it was possible to get advice of lawyers, specialists in a mortgage and specialists of the Center of affordable housing.

Visitors of an exhibition sale estimated high level of the organization of action. Remained are happy with quality of work of the participating companies. The qualified managers answered all interesting questions, provided a maximum of actual information. Visitors with children remained are very happy with existence of a children's corner where children could learn to draw pictures wool and sand. While parents communicated with managers on questions of acquisition of housing.

According to the participating companies of the New Buildings of Petersburg exhibition sale: Real estate agencies "Itaka, JSC MIR nedvizhimosti, JSC N-Market, JSC Center of New Buildings, JSC Moy Gorod, Aventin-Nedvizhimost, JSC Vzlet-Stroy, Agentstva pryamykh prodazh i investitsy Lime Estate, passed Bekar Real estate agencies, action with big success. Participants remained are happy with a large number of the focused, potential clients, and also level of the organization of an exhibition sale and expressed desire to participate in the following exhibitions of the workshop format.

The exhibition purpose – sales to inform young families about opportunities which provide the federal and city programs "Affordable housing", and also to submit the specialized programs developed by banks and construction companies. The New Buildings of Petersburg exhibition sale - an exclusive thematic exposition in St. Petersburg, providing maximum efficiency in one exhibition day. For the company of the participant is a direct contact with the potential client, whose interest – new real estate and the minimum financial, time and labor expenditure. The organizer of an exhibition – exhibition association of EXPO the SPHERE plans to hold Exhibitions step availability monthly in different districts of the city.

Exhibition management: (812) 600-92-92, exposfera.spb.ru