International Conference of a name of A.N.Kovalyova «Practical questions of operation of mountain-skiing complexes».

2012/01/25 15:11

On January, 16-19th in Leningrad region on the mountain-skiing center «Zolotaia Dolina» there has passed the International Conference of a name of A.N.Kovalyova «Practical questions of operation of mountain-skiing complexes». As the organizer of Conference company "Ski-Resort-Konsalt" has acted.

 In Conference have taken part more than 100 experts of mountain-skiing business and about 30 representatives of mass media.

 Within the limits of Conference tests  snow guns leading world manufacturers have been carried out:

Snow guns – Areco Standart (Sweden), Lenko RA 620 (Sweden), SMI Super Polecat (USA), Supersnow 600 ECO (Poland), Supersnow SN 900 ECO MA (Poland), TPS 900 Automatic (Austria),

Snow guns – Bachler Sno Tek NESSY (Switzerland), SMI Viking V2 (USA).

Among participants of conference there were representatives of companies "Ratrak-services" (Moscow), Supersnow (Poland), TPS (Austria), "GorTehTsentr" (Moscow), «SKADO» and "SKADO-TECHNO" (Samara), SMI (USA), Pisten-Bully (Germany), Bachler (Switzerland), Lenko Russia (St.-Petersburg), ISD (Moscow), AP-SERVICE (St.-Petersburg), "SportPromStroj" (Moscow), PSK "Omega" (St.-Petersburg), representatives of "the Union of the Mountain-skiing Industry of Russia», NK «Meeting of the mountain-skiing centers of Russia», Federations of Freestyle of Russia, Rostehnadzora, delegation from "Organizing committee" of Sochi-2014 », representatives of Department on tourism of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region (Salekhard), the representative of the State Committee on republic Bashkortostan tourism, the representative of the French region Rhone-Alpes, and also representatives from 40 mountain-skiing centers from all regions of Russia:« Zolotaia Dolina "," Snejni "," Krasnoe Ozero "," Igora "," Tuutari park »(Leningrad region),« Bolshoi Vudjavr »(Kirovsk),"KolaSportLend"(Kirovsk),« the Krasnie Holmi »(Kovrov), sport Park" Volen "(Moscow Region),« Chornaia Gora» (Ivanovo), "Cometa"(Vladivostok),"Edelweiss"(Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij),«GLK»(Samara),"Uktus"(Ekaterinburg),«Krasni Kluech »(Ufa), "Manzherok"(Republic Altai),« the Malskaia Dolina »(Pskov),«Zaiachia Gorka » (Vladimir),"Ryder"(Miass),"Puzhalova Gora"(Vladimir region),"Nechkino"(Izhevsk),« Sobolinaia Gora »(Baikalsk),« Hvoini Urman »(Khanty-Mansiysk),"Habarskoe"(Nizhni Novgorod), Gora Belaia (Nizhni Tagil),"Kalinka-Morozov"(Kirov) and many other things.

Elena Kovalyova,  Boris Petrov and SVictor Timakov have opened conference  With a salutatory word to participants of Conference from the president of Association of ski sports of Russia Andrey Bokareva Elena Gitina has acted the secretary general of Federation of Freestyle of Russia.

One of the most important problems for modern Ski resorts is artificial snowing. Thus snow guns  are not less important component ski resorts, than rope-ways. Artificial snow allows to begin a mountain-skiing season in the autumn and to prolong it till May, thus fans of mountain skis and a snowboard have possibility to be engaged in a favorite sport six months in a year.

President Non Commercial Organization “ Alpine Club” presented brochure «A Rule on creation and management of mountain-skiing complexes in Russia»

With presentation of the equipment heads of the Russian representations of firms-manufacturers snow guns – Areco (Sweden), Bachler (Switzerland), Demac (Austria), Lenko (Sweden), SMI (USA), Supersnow (Poland), TPS (Austria) have acted.

Leading experts of campaigns «SKADO» (Doppelmayer) and "AP-SERVICE" (Leitner) have imparted experience designing, building and operation of rope-ways.

Representatives of "Rostehnadzora" and the expert organization of Joint-Stock Company "Stek" have told about control over a technical condition of rope-ways and have answered numerous questions of participants of conference – representatives Ski resorts. 

The questions, concerning works Ski Resorts in summertime and in inter-season period have been taken up.

The chief of department of programs of development of tourism of the State Committee has told about development Ski resorts and creation on its base of an all-the-year-round mountain-tourist complex on State Customs Committee "Nuguesh" example on republic Bashkortostan Ruslan Valeev tourism.

The general director of company "Ski-Resort-Konsalt" has told about ways of increase of profitability Ski Resorts and about their effective management, and also about the organizations and carrying out of sports competitions to reception of the maximum economic gain.

With the big interest participants of conference have apprehended performance of the secretary general of Federation of Freestyle of Russia Elenas Gitinoj about existing position of freestyle, its development on Russian Ski Resorts and prospects of this sport on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Sochi.

Last day conferences «the round table» for discussion of questions of catering services on mountain-skiing complexes (restaurants, fast food, a catering) on which experts of "Ski-Resort-Konsalt" have acted has been organized.

Participants of conference have examined an infrastructure of mountain-skiing complexes «Zolotaia Dolina», "Snegny", «Krasnoe Ozero» and "Igora".

For three days of active and effective work many ideas on development and increase of level of the Russian mounting skiing resorts have been stated. Participants of conference comemorate  the former general director of the mountain-skiing center «Zolotaia Dolina» of A.N.Kovaleva, as one of "pioneers" of mountain-skiing business in Russia. All visitors, including foreign experts, have highly appreciated the given possibility alive to discuss actual problems, to receive the information from primary sources, and also the importance of tests snow guns for development of the mountain-skiing industry in Russia.


 The following International Conference of a name of A.N.Kovaleva will take place in second half of January, 2013.

Conference has been organized with support:

NK «Meeting of the mountain-skiing centers of Russia»;

The Noncomercial Organization “Alpine club” of SPb;

The Moscow Ski Salon

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