We invite you to participate at the XIII SKI SALON in St.-Petersburg

2009/07/16 23:25

24-25 OCTOBER 2009
St. Petersburg , Sport Complex «Jubileiny»,
Main Arena According to the results of 2008: 7 000 visitors, 170 companies - participants

  Obligatory Registration payment *: 160 euro

  *information in the exhibition catalog, 120 plates, 1 copy of the catalog, the accreditation of 2 representatives of the company with the provision of permanent checkpoints, the overall advertising campaign, the general protection of the exhibition, night building

  The Standard exhibition stand* - 4 sq. m .:

  *wall panels on perimeter of the stand, frieze the panel, a table plastic 70х70 white color, 2 chairs plastic of white color, basket for dust, a hanger, 8 letters on a frieze, cost of each additional letter 1 euros

  Cost of participation:

500 euros, at payment till May 1, 2009.
550 euros, at payment till July 1, 2009
600 euros, at payment till September 1, 2009
710 euros, if paid after September 1 *

  * No posting of information on participation in the exhibition catalog.

  In the case of the participation of several firms at one workplace, each firm pays the required registration fee is 160 y e.

  The cost of unequipped area:

1 sq.m. - 105 euro (payment before 1 June 2009, the order of 4 square meters ).
1 sq.m. - 130 euro (payment before 1 October 2009, the order of 4 square meters ).

  Main sections of exhibition

  Ski Resorts; Ski Equipment; Snowmobiles; Skating equipment; Mountain and running skis, snowboards; Sports stores; Ski fashion 2009-2010, Brands; Tour operators and travel agencies; Fitness centers; Aviation and Transport Services; Sports-tourist press; Hotel service; Sport and Tourism News

  We invite you to participate in the program «Kaleidoscope of countries»

  The main objective of the program «Kaleidoscope of countries» is introducing visitors to the tourist features of the Alpine region and other winter holidays.

  Program «Kaleidoscope of countries»* - 150 euros.

  *The price includes: 3 presentations (15 minutes) with a microphone on stage. Rent a plasma panel for the 15 minute presentation (3 videos), rent-2 information counters (for presentations) for the dissemination of information materials.

  For participation in the «Ski salon» and the program «Kaleidoscope countries» please contact «Alpine Club» on the phone: +7 901 374-10-37, Phone/fax: +7 (812) 578-16-07, e-mail: tours@peterlink.ru